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Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Ireland’s economy is changing from one largely influenced by the construction sector to one which is more influenced by SMEs. There are currently 160,000 SMEs in Ireland and these will have to play a leading role in Ireland’s future economy and also in reducing Ireland’s emissions. It is therefore important that policies are adopted to limit their influence on climate change. In order to do this, SMEs need to understand how their operations can impact on climate change, the potential impact of climate change on SMEs, and the practical actions that they can take to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Oman Moving and Storage accepts that by our very nature as a logistics company our business is not one of the most environmentally friendly businesses, however we firmly believe it is our duty to make every effort possible to reduce our impact on the environment and strive to positively affecting the way we conduct our business. To facilitate this and to ensure that we make every effort possible we have adopted a number of initiatives through a working committee formed by the staff.

We fully appreciate that we are not perfect by we are trying to make an effort and have encouraged all our staff to play an active role in offering suggestions and ideas to help us reduce our environmental impact, if there is a suggestion which you may have please feel free to contact us on and we will gladly look at implementing in the future for the future.

To check your environmental impact and to learn about reducing it log on to today, our staff have.

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